In November 2020, I released the first version of NeoDash — a graph app to build Neo4j dashboards in minutes. Since then I’ve received a lot of great feedback from users who built their own dashboards (check out this one!), and I got to work on extending the app with your suggestions.

Now, 7 months later, I’m very excited to announce the next big release — NeoDash 1.1. The latest version of NeoDash comes with a ton of new features to make your dashboards more dynamic, structured, and exciting.

What’s New?

This post will walk you through the main new features of…

Visualizing graphs is hard. When I started working with graph data, I realized it takes significant work to create intuitive graph visualizations. Thankfully, a ton of tools have been developed that make graph visualization a cakewalk.

In this article, I’m zooming in on some of my favorite tools. I group these tools into categories based on their functionality and purpose. After reading, you should have an overview of the graph visualization landscape, and (hopefully) find a tool that fits your visualization needs.

Categories of Graph Visualization Tools

Before we dig into the tools, it’s important to be aware of the categories of tools out there…

Working at Neo4j, I frequently build front-end applications that use graph data. Fortunately, a ton of tools exist to make the life of a Neo4j front-end developer easier (great examples are the GrandStack and Neode). In many cases, however, I’m looking for something that allows me to quickly prototype a dashboard with a direct database connection. Enter NeoDash, a tool that allows you to build a dashboard in minutes.

NeoDash is a lightweight web app that hooks directly into Neo4j, letting you build a front-end without touching any code. It supports a variety of reports that natively work with Neo4j…

Niels de Jong — Consulting Engineer @ Neo4j

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